Booking car guide – payment – terms of using car and surcharges


1. Booking car guide:

Once agreed on the program,price,customer pays 50% deposit for L’OPEN, the rest of money customer transfers or the driver will collect enough in the day (finish the payment before the end of the trip).

L’OPEN will send you a Confirmation Order Vehicles via email and SMS/Zalo, Facebook in case you don’t use email.

In case you book car to use immediately within a day, the fare will pay one time for drivers at the end of trip.

Information about the car and driver, L’OPEN will send to the customer within 24 hours before departure date.


2. Payment through bank:

Form of payment is easy, fast and safe.

Note: Due to the great of daily traded car, so please tell us when transferring to receive this promotion.

+ Transferring instruction:

You can check for all banks with the banking system below

Using Internet Banking to transfer is so useful.

Or save account information, come to the bank, follow the instructions of the bank staff.

+ Account information:

Account holder: HO TAN TRUONG LONG.

Vietcombank – Ben Thanh Agency

Account number: 033.100.0432.829

Vietinbank – South Sai Gon Agency

Account number: 10101.0008.427.318

ACB Bank – Tan Phong Trading Room

Account number: 195.704.319

Sacombank – District 4 Agency

Account number: 0601.0673.4804

BIDV Bank –  South Sai Gon Agency

Account number: 1321.0000.177.826

Agribank –  An Phu Agency

Account number: 1606.2056.89640

+ Transfer content: [ Customer’s name] [Car Type] [ departure date]

For example: Mr Quang books 16 seats car for coming Da Lat on 25th September.

+ If you transfer in the same bank, the time will be so fast (about 5 minutes). If out of system, possibly through the day.

+ If you transfer through ATM card (without content, sender information), you should leave a message or call us.

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3. Pay by cash :

In case customer’s in HCM city and want to pay by cash, please come to:


Main Office: 52 Đông Du Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCM City

Presentative Office in Bien Hoa: 47 Phan Trung Street, Tân Mai Ward, Biên Hòa City, Đồng Nai Province.

Trading time: 8h00 – 17h00 from Monday to Friday, 8h00 – 11h30 on Saturday.

Sunday and Tet holiday: day off.

Please click the map to find the directions.

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4. Terms of using car and surcharges:

Customer needs to present VAT bill, pay extra 10% on the car price. The bill will be sent to customer’s address within one week after the trip.

+ Using car time frame:

The earliest pick-up time is 3.00 a.m departure date.

For a long tour, the car serves up to 9.00 p.m every night. If you want to use car later, the surcharge will be 150.000VND/1h for 16 – 34 seats car and 200.000 VND/1h for 45 – 47 seats car.

For 1 day program, time frame is from the time of pickup to 7.00 p.m, excepting hourly car rental will be separately regulated.

After finishing the trip, car comes back to HCM late because of traffic or bad weather… no surcharges.

In case car comes back to HCMC late because customer want to visit more sightseeing or visit relatives… the surcharge will be: 80.000 VND/1h/7 seats, 150.000 VND/1h/16-34 seats, 200.000 VND/1h/cars on 45 seats.

Car price at night (1 day 1 night, 2 days 2 nights…) is applied when the vehicle departs after 7.00 p.m per day.

For 16 seats or more are not getting the car departure on the day (24 hours)

+ Using Car Distance:

Car for sightseeing along the main roads and within a maximum of 30 km in the central destinations like program. For example, in the inner 30km Da Lat, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Chau Doc.

If you want to go further, please notice or the driver will automatically regulate according to the actual surcharges depending on type of vehicle: 8,000 VND/km/7 seats; 10,000 VND/km/16 seats; 15,000 VND/km/cars on 29 seats.

+ Extra fee for Driver:

Most restaurants and hotels throughout the country have free accommodation for the driver, you should ask and clarify questions related to the service.

If the hotels and restaurants without this mode, please support directly to the driver:

For vehicles from 4 to 34 seats 50,000/1 meal, 200,000/1 night. For 45 to 47 seats 100,000/1 meal and 250,000/1 night due to co-driver (applies on weekdays, and on holidays the price separately regulated).

If something is unclear, please contact our hotline for thoughtful explanation.

L’OPEN is grateful and very honored to accompany with you!

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