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Car hire in saigon

Car hire in saigon and 7 best tips be offered for you

Now you are looking for car hire in saigon and a little bit confusion of what kind of cars can make you feel comfortable, where is the safe place, how can i have a good price without paying high expense, how can every trips should be successful.

L’OPEN welcome you!

Now the tour information and the tour places have become very popular, easy to contact and check information via internet. So you will easily search car rental in hcm city.

If you rent a car in hcm city and travel according to your plan, it will be cheaper and save money, design your own plan, decide your time, have private space, well take care of your beloved.

Today, Long Open is very happy to share you 7 best tips of car hire in saigon. These experiences are saved after 10 years working in this field. This will help you a lot in designing next wonderful trips.


1. If you want to look for car hire in saigon, you should have plan the trip in advance

The high season for car hire in saigon is the time near the 30th of (Hung Vuong King) or Tet. Those families plan to travel 1 or 2 month in advance always have a nice trip. As when you plan in April advance you will have more time to decide which one is better for you and you also have a lot of choices, etc.

However, there are a lot of people did not plan in advance and they wait until the closed days to travel, they will look for the car. The consequence are at that moment almost car agents also run out of car, they will not have car for rent any more.

So they try their best to find a car in hurry, search their phone, their internet to figure out the car. So the results are no good car left and they need to choose the old car with high expense.

Long Open hopes you don’t have that kind of bad habits “suddenly travel” that a lot of people had it.

2. Let’s look for the professional car hire in saigon

Do you agree with me that we should find the professional car agents in HCM City, don’t you? The professional car agencies will have a lot of diverse cars, will guarantee about the cars’ high quality and the service.

The numbers of the good drivers have best behaviours which just a few small agencies have these kinds of service. The more important is the professional car agents have capabilities solve any problem happen even changing the car or driver if the tourists are not happy with.

Now it is easier to look for the professional agents via internet online. The important thing is you need to have experience to search car via internet. Let’s pay attention to these things:

A professional agent of car rental in hcm city must have a website with full of car’s brand name, the address, telephone and the founders information… And the owner’s profile or pictures and a lot of writing tips share the essential information for guests.

Moreover, that website need to have the real car’s pictures and real pictures will be taken by their own customers with the cars. Those websites just were used the available pictures have on the internet will not worth.

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3. When you find car hire in saigon, you should choose the modest cars

Everybody want to rent a modest car whenever they go to travel. Those cars have been used for 5 years, their machines and modern facilities are well furnished. The modern cars always have good air condition, the music sound system, LCD TV, the pleasant car seats can be modified so you can relax through out the adventure.

For sure, you should ask details the car agent guarantee about the car’s brand and car’s model. You also should ask them to send you some pictures of the car you intend to hire so you can carefully check via email. Some clients they want to see the car directly as they still wonder about the car’s quality. It is not essential to watch the car as the travel car often drives every where.


4. Never search for car hire in saigon with the cheap price

The rate of the car rental is the best concerns for a lot of people as they need to consider their budget. It will be wonderful if you can hire the modern car with the reasonable quotes. Let’s remember never rent a car to travel with the cheap price.

The reason why you should do it? As you often heard the sentence “price equal quality” – the quality will be equal to the amount you spend. Long Open saw a lot of people get angry and dissapointed after traveling with the cheap brand agencies. So should we cut down the cost to stand the stressful trip like that?

The cheap cars are almost the old cars with old machine and when they are drive, they will make a loud noise and huge shake. Besides, the equipments have been worn down and broken so they can not make you feel comfortable like the modern cars.

One more important thing is the drivers drive the cheap cars are those drives the normal bus to carry the daily people, pick the worker and students up, then drop them off etc. They try to save their time to drive travel cars to earn more money. Then their styles and their experiences can not be professional and friendly like the drivers of the professional car brands.


5. Let’s enjoy the journey with car hire in saigon

There is one tip just a few people know that is your attitude decides your trip. Dear friend, a pleasant people whenever they go, they always have fun and get a good news. The other with the mean characters always found out the bad things,try to blame or pay attention to the unnecessary small details.

Long Open wishes that whenever you step up in the car you will release all of your worries, your sadness etc to enjoy your journey.

This trip is the time you should take care of your relatives, your families. Why should you get irritate of the small things that you should not keep them. You will agree with me that if you have a good manner and generous characters you will see every things are good and deserve to enjoy.


6. Looking for the car hire in saigon and the shopping experience

Every tourist whenever they travel and see the local special products, they really want to buy to have presents or gift for their family, their friend. So you also should make plan for this activity.

If you have car rental in hcm city, you rent to travel by yourself you will have plenty chances to purchase things without limited numbers of weight compare to airlines or trains. What you should do when choose a car is choose car has a big space to keep your luggage and the other things.

One more thing you should note is just buy things that we don’t have them at your hometown. A lot of tourists buy popular products that have in their places such as the kid toys or shoes, slippers, etc. This things will he hard to carry and take spaces.

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7. Look for the car hire in saigon and excellent tips to avoid being high costed.

The high season time is the time close to the summer holidays, Tet holidays, special days. If you travel by yourself and don’t have plan in advance, it will be easy for you to be costed with high price at the tourist places.

The reason why they do that? some rude seller thought that you just buy at that place only 1 time, seldom to come, or for a long time you just arrive one time so they force you to pay high at that time. Sorry to inform you about that behaviours, as until now we can not cancel that kind of service.

To avoid of being high costed, what you should do is make a well – plan: where to rent car, what room should you book in what hotels, where to eat, and how is their price, etc. After you have a detail plan, let’s call or email to the place you want to book. You can negociate the price and every thing in advance can help you to avoid being costs overestimated.

Those tips above which Long shares with you are those precious experience from his heart. I wish i will cooperate with you soon in the future.

Wish you have a good health and happiness.


If you are looking for car hire in saigon please register to get the qoutes or contact hotline immediately to get more promotion or discount. Long Open is happy to shares experience with you.


You can find out more information about L’OPEN Cars brand via internet as bellow adress:

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