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Limousine hire Ho Chi Minh city

Limousine hire Ho Chi Minh city level and wonderful

Ford transit Limousine hire Ho Chi Minh city for trips away

With Ford transit Limousine is designed according to 16 seats, but the style was adapted perfectly to 9 seats. And more generous space, comfort, class brings to those who sit on it. 

Designed as a partition wall separating the mezzanine instead of like the 2014 version. Such designs can reduce privacy, luxury, but to maximize the value used for matching objects used car company, Enterprise or Resort, open space also gives people comfortable feeling more relaxed, especially with the demands you going away or going long day.

Utilities, amenities: On vehicles equipped audio systems with 4 class usb charging port, 1 220v power socket to charge your phone, glass receptacle, water bottles. LED system, reading lights shine brings space and cozy. Spacious luggage compartment is also a strong point of Ford Limousine, 2015.

Cockpit: Spacious, comfortable more than 2014 version. Premium ceiling suede upholstery. Wrapped steering wheel and a high-end skin helps drivers easily manipulated while driving. In addition, cockpit is equipped with 22 DIN DVD player built-in GPS, reversing camera, monitoring with refrigerators journey minus -5 degrees to better serve passengers.

Limousine President hire Ho Chi Minh city for journeys solemnly

Dubbed the “special ground” in Vietnam. This is the genre was developed from the Ford Transit Limited line is quite successful in the market, this new version is upgraded with a range of facilities.

Sony 32 inch LED TV is convenient bulkhead between individual compartments and driver cabins made up of private space for work, meetings or relaxation.

Refrigerator -5 ° C, volume 22 liters placed between two chairs opposite the VIP seats.

Curtain system automatically imported from the US, electrically adjustable bring a broad vision for the occupants in the vehicle.

Attached is Harman Kardon sound system.

Premium leather seats, slipped smart design helps to sit quiet and comfortable, the wood-paneled details natural elegance. The interior of “special around” is also equipped iPad Air to customers can check email and surf the web easily and quickly on a high-speed Internet connection.

Spacious and luxurious.

Rear luggage compartment is spacious, enough for more items for the long journey. The car is also fitted with nitrogen ARB suspension system ensures smooth operation and automatic sliding door system integrates intelligent features such as automatic safety lock when driving at high speed or unlock security throughout the incident …

Limousine Fuso Roso hire Ho Chi Minh city alongside class

As high-quality products are assembled by advanced technology ensures the technical requirements and secure with turbocharged diesel engine, 5-speed gearbox, both with a capacity of 136 hp, maximum torque 370 Nm at lower 1,600 rpm rev / min.

After redesigning Fuso Bus from 29 seats to 19 seats and upgraded furniture, Limousine Fuso Rosa delicate beauty as a “yacht or special ground” would bring domestic tourists and a new experience of international luxury class.

Fuso Rosa’s impressive appearance is featured along with the body paneled bodywork and powerful fishtail detail. The interior of the car has been redesigned from the car seat down into 19 seats from 29-seat creates a spacious, comfortable for passengers. Safety seats designed with the ability to hold back and neck spine of passengers.

Besides, Fuso Rosa is also equipped with some extra utilities such as 3G wireless systems; fridge; DVD screens and individual reading lights for each passenger … The decorative details that set the most exquisite, reinforces the luxury and comfort of the car.

Limousine Chrysler hire Ho Chi Minh city for endless fun day

Limousine Chrysler C300 compact size, convenient to move within the city, guests can sit on the bus interchange, as is in the chat room during meeting miniature moving car. 

Limousine Chrysler C300 white, nearly 7m in length, rear separate driver, 2 rows facing each can accommodate 6 people. The interior in black and gray leather coat plush mouse, 2 mini bar – 2 party system design controls hidden between the back seat and two LCD screens behind the driver, with 2 lighting mode of white and yellow.

Limousine Chrysler hire Ho Chi Minh city suitable for more events like weddings, VIP shuttle, airport shuttle …


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