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Mercedes Car Rental in HCM what you need?

Mercedes Car Rental in HCM – you want to select any car?

You’re looking for the Mercedes Car Rental HCM place, so what car do you want to choose? L’OPEN is a specializing company in leasing Mercedes in HCM with many different cars.

Immediately following, L’OPEN will share with you more about this car, hope you consult.

Hiring luxurious Mercedes S500 in HCMC:

When planning Mercedes Car Rental in HCMC, choosing Mercedes S500 means that you select the best candidates from the famous automaker of Germany. Mercedes S500 is named the man born to lead by the class and its luxury.

Located in the Top 1 of the list of luxurious cars, Mercedes S500 makes the first gentle impression from design to color, the chassis, the smooth curving of the chassis from top to toe of the car.

Mercedes S500 furniture makes you overwhelmed by the most expensive amenities: high quality leather seats, wood-paneled handle…

Mercedes S500 row seat is equipped with massage features 6 levels, heating system in the winter, hot stone massage, high-class air-conditioner system with air purifier of Air-Balance mechanism, oxygen and attractive perfume help guests relax on every journey.

Mercedes Car Rental HCM-Style with E350.

You need a youthful and dynamic style, just select Mercedes E 350. The Mercedes car line is very suitable for the breakthrough styles, valor of successful entrepreneurs.

While Mercedes S500 shows the luxury of aristocrats, Mercedes E350 presents youthful personality and no less than class. Interior and exterior design highlightly strong impression, morden trend of the car. Comfortable  interior amenities will be the reason why you can not ignore when you want to hire the Mercedes in HCMC, Mercedes E350 is full of function to display temperature outdoors.

In addition, recreational amenities are on the car with 6 CDs, MP3 compatibility and Bluetooth interface.

Moderner, vehicles are equipped with multimedia for connecting to external electronic devices. A full of fun and comfort journey is waiting for you with the Mercedes E350.

Mercedes Car Rental HCM – charm with E250.

Although E250 brings similarities with the E Class, lower than E350, Mercedes E250 is equally with its charm and personality. This is also a good candidate when looking for Mercedes renting services in  HCM.

Charm from the outside and amenities from the inside are what can describe the Mercedes E250. With electric sunroof, wood-paneled interiors, driver seat and front passengers adjust power, which creates exciting convenience. You can also delightly entertain with sound system 6-CD player, TFT color screen 5.8-inch, radio tuner, Bluetooth connectivity, media gateway multimedia, center armrest bottom, supporting mobile entertainment device.

If you want to hire the Mercedes in HCMC, please fill in Price Registration form or contact hotline now to receive special preference.

Best wishes for you!

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