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Thirty car rental hcmc

Thirty car rental hcmc with L’OPEN

Long Open welcome you!

You want to thirty car rental hcmc and you confused so much about so many things:

You don’t know what is the newest car, the best today?

How to get rental car the most preferential prices?

How can I be assured that the drivers are very friendly and enthusiastic?

And how to find hotels and restaurants are những prestigious non reasonable price?

Today Long Open will help you answer these concerns. Invite you to experience the new model car rental with Long Open.

 thue-xe-29-cho-lopen-cung-cong-ty-lfm (33)

Thirty car rental hcmc and how should choose a car the safest?

Since the vehicle can accommodate 30 seats moderate car lots should to be people love and use. These vehicles just can accompany you during trips away from home, while they can serve the delegations attending important events program and also very suitable as a means of transportation workers go do daily …

So what kind of vehicle convenience, the latest which should you choose? It’s Samco isuzu car. These are cars produced by car manufacturers world-renowned, and are excellent means that you can completely trust placed.

If the other car seat body elongated, narrow take advantage of the area but Samco Isuzu very spacious.Space is very comfortable in the car so you can travel easily, leaned back to relax when needed and exchanges organized games each time high.

This is great car, is equipped with air conditioning new generation, ultra-definition LCD screen, the modern player, turned down 160 degrees chairs, reading lights … so you can enjoy the good movie, great songs anytime, anywhere along the long trip.

thue-xe-29-cho-lopen-cung-cong-ty-lfm (30)

How to get the driver the most friendly fun?

During one trip, besides a newer car, the drivers are factors that you also need very note. Surely you ever seen or heard somewhere drivers gruff, rude, shouting for air passengers make the car extremely stressful. During a trip, if losing the cooperation of the driver, you will feel frustrated and tired so much. Trips expectations thus losing all the excitement, excitement.

thue-xe-29-cho-lopen-cung-cong-ty-lfm (28)

Why is there such drivers? Honestly, chauffeur job is a job very hard. You always have to try hard to get up early to prepare to welcome the delegation guests every morning, rest later because union must also put the car into park, lo cleaning, car wash to clean in preparation for tomorrow. Besides is pressure family income, to ensure safety for all vehicles over hundreds of kilometers, worry about traffic police, on bad roads, arising Petroleum fuels …

Under too much pressure because of this, if the drivers are not psychologically prepared, not through care training visitors will basically very angry, conflicts with customers. This very often happens in the small car, or car drivers buy auto run customer service.

The best way to pick your major tourist car, professional, team chauffeur, with driver training program version. Besides the company preferential remuneration very good so you will be assured, enthusiastic customer service.

L’OPEN copper pleased with you on the wonderful journey!

hãng xe du lịch L'OPEN


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